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Monday, August 21, 2006

Library Technology

It's been a bit, I know...and according to my poll, there is 1 person who has probably been waiting longingly for my next post, five who felt at least a bit of loss and 1 who really just doesn't give a damn. That being said, if you are actually reading this, posting a comment every once in a while isn't that bad of a thing...if nothing else, it'll give me a tiny boost of ego.

This is my first "original" post in a long time. It's so hard to actually put things into my own words that I originally read in other blogs...I mean, what's the point of rewording something when the original is worded just fine.

I fight with every ounce of my being not to become a nerdy librarian. I scoff at the title, hence why I'm an "un". When I go home at night, I don't give a second thought to OCLC's eSerials Holdings Service. The most recent QuestionPoint update has absolutely no bearing on my social life.

So, the big guy at work says I have to put together a program called Library Technologies: Blogs, Wikis, IM & More. It's one of four programs I'm currently working on. Blogs, yeah, cool. I finally gave in and started my (as it's called in the other sites that I maintain) "geeky librarian" blog. Wikis..okay, I admit that I'm a wikipedia junky, but other than that, they haven't sparked my interest all that much. It was a fun way to sign up for library camp, but that's about it...and that was WORK anyway. IM? I got over IM a long time ago. I was on...shit, what was it called? It's "the one" to be on...err...another useless acronym...ICQ, yeah, that's it..but I gave that up around 2001. Don't tell the boss, but I think it's also the best form of virtual reference (SHHHH!!!) & more...well, yeah. Thing is, I have to know what I'm talking I started visiting the blogging, Wiki-er and IM-ing librarian guru peoples' blogs. I tried really hard, but I have admit that for the most part, I like them.

Ugh. I like them.

Michael Stevens, Jenny Levine, Meredith Farkas, Aaron Schmidt and my favorite, Jessamyn West...hell, I've even been reading Lorcan Dempsey's blog lately. Then, there's the Librarian's Blog to Etiquette which at first I thought was WAY too dorky for a cool person like me (sorry, Ruth!!!), but hell if it didn't somehow end up as one of my RSS feeds...still not sure how exactly that happened. I get really excited when there's a new posting on the point where a few people have accused me of having a crush on its writer (Nathan, bite you tongue). I bounce at my desk when the anonymous king of etiquette posts another mean, and painfully honest assessment of the library world. My eyes instantly find the words "wiki", "blogs" and "library 2.0" from a page of words, and I ...don't tell, but I actually read it.

And here I am now. I have a television, a dvd player, tons of music, high speed internet, a quart of Butter Pecan ice cream and most importantly, MY BED, and what am I doing? I'm thinking about how it's not possible for me to be thinking about what I'm thinking about, because I'm WAY too cool to think what I'm thinking.

I think I need to follow the advice of many and lay of the caffeine and try to get more sleep.

If you'll be in the area, you should really come to my way super cool stupid dorky geeky librarian program which is just a small part of the way more super cool, wait, no...a million times more geeky five program series. We have Darlene Fichter, Jessamyn West, Meredith Farkas and Aaron Schmidt coming! I am SO excited. No, wait. I'm not, not at all. Geeky librarians.


Blogger Nathan said...

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7:55 AM  
Blogger Nathan said...

Think on the bright side: your poll had 7 responses, while bloglines has 9 subscribers...

8:06 AM  
Blogger The unLibrarian said...

Bloglines has 9 subscribers?

10:11 AM  

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