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Saturday, August 26, 2006

Adventures in Stylesheets

I am now maintaining my 5th blog!!! And get this, it was not only voluntary, but was my idea! What was I thinking? So far, I "oversee", I guess the APB Blog, the MLC Communique Blog (though this one takes very little work on my part), one blog that I'm not going to share, this, my "Geeky Librarian Blog", and the all new MLC The Library Rebooted: Unwrapped blog.

So, on Thursday I got this idea...since I'm putting together this program series on library 2.0 schtuff, why not record the process using library 2.0 technologies: So, I proposed to the powers that be that we invite all of our presenters, mlc staff and topic experts (mostly the ones who turned down my speaker requests for whatever reason) to post to this blog. Then, we can Podcast the programs and post those to the blog as well. Sounds cool, right?

My question: How did I become so good and creating work for myself???

So, I spent most of today and yesterday working on the new blog. OMG. It's really hard to work with stylesheets and PHP when you've never worked with, studied or even discussed stylesheets or PHP. Mark, our tech-master at work helped me a lot, but we just couldn't get it right. It was so close. I know Mark could have fixed, but the truth of it is:
  1. Mark is extraordinarily busy
  2. I am extraordinarily impatient
That being said, I decided to try to fix the little problems myself, maybe just make it a bit better, but then of course ended up going to Mark to have him fix what I messed up. I thought we had everything perfect when I received an email from our blog-mistress presenter for our New Technologies program, informing me that the title of my blog was invisible, unless you hovered over it. Well, I checked on my PC, using Firefox and it was fine. We checked on other computers. It was fine. Then Jessamyn told me she was using Firefox (same as me), but on a Mac...


So, Ruth and I explored other browsers and discovered that the title was invisible on Mac's using Firefox and PC's using IE.


I IM'd Mark (no, I'm not being hypocritical about being "over" IM. At work we have this system that lets us do all kinds of phone and VM stuff and also includes in office IM), begging him to fix it, though I knew he was in a meeting. Meanwhile, the oh-so wonderful Jessamyn West emailed me and offered to check out the code. I normally do not ask our presenters to fix my blogs, but she's the blog mistress, right? Then, I got Jessamyn's reply. She was very kind, and looked at my hack job coding, and found the problem.

I think the problem is this

a:link {
color: #1D4723;
font-weight: bold;
text-decoration: none;

that makes the font green in a link situation. You already have the
mlctitle set here:

a.mlctitle {
color: #ededed;
font-size: 3.2em;
a.mlctitle:visited {
color: #FCFEF4;
td.mlctitle {
color: #ededed;
font-size: 1.4em;

but the first declaration seems to not be "taking" perhaps because the mlctitle element is ALSO in a TD div. I'm not 100% sure on this, but the stylesheet doesn't have that many things that are that color, #1D4723.but the a:link designation appears in the stylesheet AFTER the mlctitle link and so I think overrides it. Might wantto move the a:link part up higher or see what it looks like if you comment it out or remove it completely.

Uh...okay. So, here I am trying to put together a blog, asking some of the top blogging librarians to post on it and somehow I ended up having the creater of teaching me how to code.

Unfortunately, I had no idea what the HELL she was talking about. What the #$@&'s a "declaration"??? Yeah, I should know, I know. I've just always been bad at remembering the lingo. I don't code. I edit code I steal from other people. Don't tell on me. What's a TD div?


Well, about 2 seconds before I left to go home, Ruth and I discovered that the title was no longer invisible in IE. Yay! We assumed that Mac's using Firefox were okay as well. I immediately ran to Mark, rudely interruped him and thanked him for fixing the problem.

He said he didn't do anything. I guess it magically fixed itself.

By then it was after 5, and on a Friday that means fly the heck out of there as fast as you can. I went home and tried it, and title was invisible on my PC using Firefox!!!!! Within seconds I had received an email from Ruth saying it was invisible on her PC using IE. Huh?

So, at this point I had two options:
  1. Beg Mark to fix it on Monday, even though he's SO busy and the blog is supposed to go live on Monday
  2. Admit to Jessamyn West that I'm and idiot, a coding dunce and have no idea what she's talking about.
What would you have done? Well, Jessamyn's is a lecturer, a speaker, a teacher and a trainer, not to mention a blogger extraordinaire, so why not? I'm sure she's met dumber people than me. ...So I told her I was an idiot, basically. She was really good about it and dumbed her techie vocab down a bit, saying basically "move this thing before that thing". Well, I did it and it worked!!!

Jessamy West is my hero!!! Now, when the new blog goes live on Monday, the first post will be about my adventures, and the help of a cyber-deity to bring to life the new little blog: The Library Rebooted - Unwrapped.


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