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Thursday, July 27, 2006

Filtering is Evil

Have you checked out the Center for Democracy and Technology? According to them, "The House of Representatives has passed a bill (DOPA) that would force schools and libraries to block chat and social networking sites as a condition of receiving federal E-rate funding.”


There's been a link to a video clip floating around lately about some reported that videotaped a guy viewing porn and jacking off in a library. Okay, this is wrong. It is bad to jack off in libraries. Well, this reporter went on to blame this on the librarian, and saying making it sound like it is a library's moral duty to filter what can and cannot be viewed.


If you want to read an intelligent and thoughtful post on this topic (assuming that this blog has any readers), check out, which is quickly becoming one of my absolute FAVORITE blogs.

I stumbled on to Jessamyn West while trying to find speakers for an upcoming program my organization is having called New Technology: Blogs, Wikis, IM and More. After checking out and then her personal site,, I decided that we HAD to have her speak. She was on of those "abnormal" (trust me, that the best compliment one can get from me) librarian who balanced an unbelievable amount of knowlege, intelligence, political advocasy with just a hint of fun-loving cheesiness. I subscribe to many RSS feeds for "library" blogs and I only read them at work, and only when I really don't want to do something else. Well, this one, I'm finding myself reading at 11:00 pm, missing an extremely exciting episode of Iron Chef America, which wearing pajamas and drinking soda.

Way super cool.


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Nice idea with this site its better than most of the rubbish I come across.

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