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Thursday, July 27, 2006

Filtering is Evil

Have you checked out the Center for Democracy and Technology? According to them, "The House of Representatives has passed a bill (DOPA) that would force schools and libraries to block chat and social networking sites as a condition of receiving federal E-rate funding.”


There's been a link to a video clip floating around lately about some reported that videotaped a guy viewing porn and jacking off in a library. Okay, this is wrong. It is bad to jack off in libraries. Well, this reporter went on to blame this on the librarian, and saying making it sound like it is a library's moral duty to filter what can and cannot be viewed.


If you want to read an intelligent and thoughtful post on this topic (assuming that this blog has any readers), check out, which is quickly becoming one of my absolute FAVORITE blogs.

I stumbled on to Jessamyn West while trying to find speakers for an upcoming program my organization is having called New Technology: Blogs, Wikis, IM and More. After checking out and then her personal site,, I decided that we HAD to have her speak. She was on of those "abnormal" (trust me, that the best compliment one can get from me) librarian who balanced an unbelievable amount of knowlege, intelligence, political advocasy with just a hint of fun-loving cheesiness. I subscribe to many RSS feeds for "library" blogs and I only read them at work, and only when I really don't want to do something else. Well, this one, I'm finding myself reading at 11:00 pm, missing an extremely exciting episode of Iron Chef America, which wearing pajamas and drinking soda.

Way super cool.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Skills for the 21st Century Librarian

Meridith Farkas has a very interesting post on her blog (Information Wants To Be Free) about LIS, LS, IS programs today. Being a somewhat recent library school grad (2004), I must admit that I did my far share of complaining in regards to what I learned, or rather what I didn't learn in my LIS program.

The post covers what basic skills librarian should have, including the ability to embrace change and comfort with new technologies. It's amazing what some people, even in the high tech world of libraries still don't know!

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Do I even have to say anything? Click on the picture for realistic (and sadly humorous) examples of the intellect and intelligence of our fearless Commander in Chief.

On another note, Jessamyn West ( has a very interesting post today on the battle between good and evil on ALA related articles on Wikipedia regarding ALA's Library Bill of Rights. Check it out.

Thursday, July 06, 2006

ALA New Orleans - Reflections (Day Three, Part 1)

Well, day three got off to an almost normal start. I had gotten a decent amount of sleep and made it to the convention center for the first program I planned to attend. I did NOT make it early enough to surf the free breakfast, but alas.

Initially, I wanted to go to the Forum on Digital Preservation, but the day/time was changed to Friday, I beleive. So, my first program was at 10:30 - Next Step Blogging: Building a professional blog for you library. It was located on the third floor of the Convention Center.

I was really excited about this program. I manage the Communique blog at work, and have a few of my own personal blogs...some more personal than others. However, my blogs are boring. I wanted to spice them up. It would be nice to make even the Communique blog more exciting, but maintain a professional image.

So, I trudged up to the third floor of the Convention Center. The program was in the same room as a program I had attended the day before. I took the escaltor up to the second floor, then I took another one up to the third floor. I needed room 342, just like before. I found 301, 302, 303, 304...things didn't look right. Maybe I was on the wrong floor... I took the escalor all the way back down to the lobby, looked around bewildered, and decided to take the elevator up to the third floor. Elevators have numbers, escalators don't. I got out on the third floor and looked around. I was in the same place as before! There wasn't even a sign saying where my room was. I just knew where it wasn't. So, I take the STAIRS back down to the lobby and wander aimlessly looking for a sign to say where I should go. I decided to take another escaltor back up...nope, still in the same place. It was now 11:15, I had been wandering for 45 minutes in a building larger than some small towns, with room 342 nowhere in site.

I gave up. I was really bummed because there was another program - Emerging Technology Interest Group - that I wanted to attend, but it was in another building, at the very end of the shuttle loop. If I went now, I would probably get there 10 minutes before it ended. I was NOT a happy camper.

In the midst of my super-pout, my cell phone rang. It Nathan asking me if I was in the convention center. We met in the atrium. I asked him if he wanted to grab lunch with me, but we'd have to be quick because I wanted to go to the 1:30 Future Directions for Digital Library Initiatives program. Nathan gave me a funny look and informed me that he was planning on attending that program, but he thought it was cancelled. We grabbed a schedule, and sure enough, it was no longer on the list. GREAT. I told him about my plight to find the blogging program. Nathan informed me that he was there and it was wonderful. He went on to tell me that the convention center has TWO THIRD FLOORS! I went upstairs in two different sections. If I had just gone to the next escalator, I would have been on the right third floor!

Unfortunately, Nathan was going to another program at 1:30 on something weird. He's got a new infatuation with collections managment. So, I sat with him and pouted as he ate disgusting convention center food.