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Thursday, June 29, 2006

ALA New Orleans - Reflections (Day Two)

At 8:00 am, I awoke still exhausted (even though we didn't stay out that late) with a headache and a continuing case of nausea. It was the same nausea I had been feeling since Wednesday or Thursday (peaking on friday), so I didn't think it could be blamed on the vodka. I had hoped to attend an early session on open source programs, but was a little wary of sitting in a room full of people feeling like I could vomit at any minute. I went downstairs to explore the free continental breakfast, and managed to choke down a dry, hard biscuit, which seemed to help the nausea a little bit. I topped it off with a Pepcid Complete and trudged to the convention center.

My hotel was located across the street from the convention center, so the walk was brief. However, the air was as thick as soup, and I swear I felt like I was an added morsel amoung bits of peas and ham.

After checking in and briefly visiting the vendor booths (picking up limited "crap", and settling for books and the cool Naglene bottles from Microsoft), I hopped a shuttle bus to my first program: Global Resource Sharing: Cooperation across Borders . I must admit it was your normal OCLC hoopla, nothing to write home about, but it was my place to be there.

Next, was the Union List User's Group meeting. This was fun. One of my absolute favoritest OCLC people was there presenting AND a number of my more amusing network colleagues attended. I learned a few tidbits that I was unaware of, and most of the questions were by us network folk, none of which were really answered, of course. The other speaker, who does NOT like addressing an audience, went way super fast as usual, with our little network crew tittering behind our hands...okay, with us biting our lips shut to keep the giant gaffaw from escaping. There were no ground breaking announcements or surprises, which in my expereince is a very good thing.

After that was the WorldCat Resource Sharing/ILLiad User's Group update. It was 1.5 hours long to cover both topics. For some reason, the ILLiad folks went first and took up the ENTIRE time. People were not happy, myself included.

After my fun filled day, it was time to go back to my room, change, and join Brian for the Google reception. I tried to find myself something cool (in both ways) and trendy, something that speaks style and taste, and non librarian scarf wearing, sensible shoes with floods apparel. I settled on some wide leg khakis and a beaded brown tunic top. Not bad.

Brian and I walked upstairs to the party room, and were greated by a table of name tags and a twenty-something Google greeter. She smiled at us and asked, "Who do you know?". We stumbled out that we were asked to attend on behalf of, blah, blah, blah, and were given our name tags. Now, I must admit that as I entered the room, I was thinking, "Wow. I'm at a party where people know people". I'm a dork, I know.

This party was COOL (well, for an ALA party). There were servers carrying appetizers on little silver trays, a gigantic cheese and fruit platter, followed by a ton of other food that I didn't even notice because I never made it past the gorgenzola and water crackers. The really cool part was the open bar, and not only because the drinks were free! They had champagne, wine, mixed drinks, you name it. Each drink got a square plastic faux ice cube in one of the Google colors that let up when the two conductors on it were wet. Of course, I HAD to get one of each color, but they didn't always let you choose, so between us, we must have had at least 8 drinks (not all alcoholic, geez!), and I finally ended up with the red one that I needed to complete my set. The rest of our Google experience is highlighted by Brian and my attempts to see how fast we could make multiple cubes flicker with out tongues, sometimes holing up to three in his mouth. I could only fit two in mine.

The evening ended with a wonderful dinner at a STEAKHOUSE, believe it or not, where I had a wonderful roasted sweet potato, some grilled asparagus with the BEST Hollandaise sauce I have EVER had and a wonderful chopped salad. Brian had a steak the size of...well, about 1/4 of the cow. We topped it off with a decent crème brulée and called it a night. I must admit I went back to my room and searched for the plastic surgery show, but alas, it wasn't on.


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