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Friday, April 07, 2006


So, I must admit that I have blogs wandering out there in cyberland...anonymous blogs filling with the soulful longings and moanings of your average dark, self-analyzing-half-asian-liberal- vegetarian-unLibrarian. Now, however is the time for a blog that I can open to those I know, a somewhat professional illusion of maturity that the world is allowed to see.

I suppose the first question to be answered is why "the unLibrarian". There are librarians, frightenting as it may be, whom embrace their librarianship with fierce pride and dedication to their fields. There are librarians out there who were born with their index fingers in front of their lips, ready to shush when needed.

I am not one of those. I love my job, I do my best, and I would like to think that I do more than is required. This morning I received a beautiful vase of flowers from the AD in appreciation of the program that I and another one of our people put together that was a great success. I'm not knocking the field, but bookmarks and LC do not make me quiver. New subject headings do no inspire rage. My treck into the world of librarianship began with a less than inspired longing, but that is for another post.

I'm not knocking them. In some miniscule way, I envy their passion, their dedication and beliefs. They're my friends, my collegues, people I respect.

They are no "unLibrarian".

Another disturbing quality to my librarianship is that, frighteningly enough, I have no books. I sit in an office with no windows, answering phone calls, teaching librarians how the latest new OCLC program works, and I travel out to their libraries, teaching workshops and attending meetings. I plan programs on Institutional Repositories and Digital Books for their benefit, but alas, I have no books. I have no library.

The unLibrarian


Blogger Sonya Schryer Norris said...

Yup, figured out who you are :-)

You could get a set of the Dewey and LC subject classification books for your office. Utterly useless to your job but very "library" and professional looking. Any non-librarian who walked into your office would be impressed. Of course, everyone you work with would wonder what the heck you were thinking.

10:12 AM  
Blogger The unLibrarian said...

Either that, or I could get the WorldCat logo tattooed on my chest...

10:09 AM  

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