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Monday, April 10, 2006

Library 2.0

Well, on Friday I'm going to: Library Camp, a Library 2.0 Unconference. I came to the realization this morning that I'm not quite sure what Library 2.0 is...I knew it was another one of those trendy librarian catch phrases. "Librarian Trendy" is a very...unique idea...kind of like tying silk scarves around their necks, THAT is "Librarian Trendy". It doesn't take a brain surgeon, or maybe I should say: a Systems Librarian to figure out that it is related to technology, hence the 2.0, duh!

So, being a highly trained librarian, I of course bypassed scholarly journals and went straight to Google, not Google Scholar, just Google.

I didn't find anything.

Next, I went to one of my favorite spots: There, I found the only thing that can be loosely defined as a definition. According to Wikipedia, "

Library 2.0 is a model for library service that reflects a transition within the library world in the way that services are delivered to library users. This redirection will be especially evident in electronic offerings such as OPAC configuration, online library services, and an increased flow of information from the user back to the library. With Library 2.0 library services are constantly updated and reevaluated to best serve library users. Library 2.0 also attempts to harness the library user in the design and implementation of library services by encouraging feedback and participation.

The concept of Library 2.0 borrows from that of Web 2.0, and follows some of the same philosophies underpinning that concept. Proponents of this concept expect that ultimately the Library 2.0 model for service will replace outdated, one-directional service offerings that have characterized libraries for centuries."

Not only is it vague and unhelpful, now I have to research Web 2.0 as well! So, back to Wikipedia...

"Web 2.0 generally refers to a second generation of services available on the World Wide Web that let people collaborate, and share information online. In contrast to the first generation, Web 2.0 gives users an experience closer to desktop applications than the traditional static Web pages... ...The term may include blogs and wikis. To some extent Web 2.0 is a buzzword, incorporating whatever is newly popular on the Web (such as tags and podcasts), and its meaning is still in flux."

It is SO much more clear now...if Web 2.0 is "a buzzword, incorporating whatever is newly popular on the Web", the Library2.0 could be whatever is newly popular libraries, right?

Library 2.0 could maybe include:
  • Digital books
  • Institutional repositories (?)
  • Digital Reference
Am I on the right track here? Ten years ago, could DVD rentals be considered worthy of Library 2.0? What about barcoded library card instead of hand-written ones? What about Cyber Cafes and wireless internet? Or even the internet in general?

There is mention of information flowing both ways: from librarian to patron and vise versa... Would a suggestion box be considered worthy, or would it have to be a digital suggestion box?

Maybe if I had a better definition of "buzzword" that would help...back to Wiki, I guess...

A buzzword (also known as a fashion word or vogue word) is an idiom, often a neologism, commonly used in managerial, technical, administrative, and sometimes political environments. Buzzwords appear ubiquitously but their actual meanings often remain unclear.

Clear as crystal...but the fact that "their actual meanings often remain unclear" does help ease my anxiety a's normal that "Library 2.0" confuses me...possibly because its inventors don't even know what they mean...

So, I'm off on Friday. I'm sure I'll enjoy myself and learn a ton...but I'm not having: Learn what Library 2.0 means" at the top of my list...


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2.0 = the new new

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